Linear Filtration Technology


While delivering power, your AC tap also delivers a significant amount of line noise. The reasons include, switching power supplies and the harmonics they backfeed into our AC power mains, the deterioration of our power grid from age and use, and the noise pollution generated from the massive amounts of electronic devices on our grid at any given time.

Furman’s Linear Filtration Technology (LiFT™) employs a finely tuned lowpass filter to reduce the differential AC noise coming through your line. What is significant about Furman’s filtering is that it reduces the AC noise in a linear fashion across a very wide bandwidth. Prior filtering schemes (such as those found in most AC conditioners) reduce noise unevenly, creating a noise attenuation curve that resembles a roller coaster. This is akin to a poor job of equalizing a recording.

With Furman’s LiFT, differential AC noise is reduced linearly, across a very wide bandwidth extending into the video frequencies. This results in a lower noise floor for your audio system, improved picture on your video display, and protection from possible data corruption and losses caused by low-level differential AC noise fed into digital systems.

Without LiFT


This output from real-time noise analysis software shows the noise attenuation curve of a standard AC noise filter. Note the uneven shape of the curve (the green line).

With LiFT

With LiFT

This output is the same analysis except that it is using Furman’s Linear Filtration Technology. The noise attenuation curve is smooth and linear, without the resonant peaking seen in the standard filter.



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