Power Factor Technology


Furman’s Power Factor Technology was designed to help power amplifiers sound their best and reproduce audio signals accurately. While a typical 15 amp tap is enough to supply the modest RMS current draw needed by most power amplifiers, the extremes and dynamics of an audio presentation may require the power amplifier to draw in excess of 30 amps for a brief moment.


The forceful hammering of a dense piano chord, the punch of a bass guitar, or the ringing crash of a drummer’s cymbal are all audio transients that can require a power amplifier to provide more current than is available to reproduce the signal. When this occurs, the transients can be blurred, compressed and squashed, resulting in the audio presentation losing the drama and excitement that was intended by the artist who recorded the program.

With Furman’s Power Factor Technology, power amplifiers are supplied a momentary current reservoir which lowers the AC line impedance while providing up to 80 amps of peak current from which to draw. Simply put, Power Factor Technology allows power amplifiers to get the current they need when they need it most.

Power Factor Piano


Happy we had a Furman unit in there

Surge protection and power conditioning seem like very small parts of a complex system like a stadium’s slow-motion video, but if there comes a time when you really need it, it’s suddenly the most important component in the rack.

– Mark Sackett, Diversified Systems