220-240 Volt Region Pro AV & Commercial

Trusted and proven by the Pros in international regions.

Based on your region, Furman products are available in 220-240 Volt options to suit every meeting, conference, concert, venue and mission-critical event, where failure is not an option. Furman products deliver proven clean, stable, protected power in all circumstances and environments. We offer an array of rackmount power solutions and accessories in a range of prices to fit every application and budget the A/V professional may encounter.

Classic Series

Classic Series models provide advanced features such as SMP Surge Protection, EVS Protection, Linear Filtering Technology, pull-out LED lights, and isolated rear panel outlet banks. In 15Amp and 20Amp Pro Models.

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Merit Series

Furman’s most affordable rackmount power conditioners provide standard level surge suppression, standard level EMI/RFI filtration, nine outlets, 6 ft. line cord, and a robust steel chassis.

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Power Sequencing

SmartSequencing allows large Pro A/V systems to be safely powered on and off with a simple press of a button or turn of a key.

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Prestige Series

Furman’s Advanced Voltage Regulators/Power Conditioners provide consistent output to correct unstable voltage while also offering all of the advanced protection and noise filtering benefits of Furman’s power conditioning technologies.

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Compact Power

The AC-210A E provides advanced protection and filtration in a compact chassis. This is ideal for flat panel televisions or anywhere advanced power conditioning is needed for components away from the main equipment rack.

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Battery Backup

Uninterruptible power supply designed exclusively for audio/video professionals and home theater aficionados.

See the F1500-UPS E

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Furman is our go-to for anything that has to do with power. They’re simply the best.”

— Jeff Tate| B&B Communications