Home Theater Power - 120V

High performance systems require high performance power solutions.

Dedicated home theaters, media rooms and music listening rooms typically have ultra-high-quality components to replicate the all-encompassing cinematic and live concert experiences. The last thing you want here is power that cannot support the sophisticated system or cause harm to costly products. You can trust all your valuable, coveted components to Furman products. They are designed to specifically provide today’s home theater systems with clean, ultra-low noise power that will assure maximum equipment performance and make the most of every magical moment.

Elite Series

With Ultra-Linear Filtering and Power Factor Technology, the Furman Elite Series is engineered to provide today’s home theater systems with clean, ultra-low noise AC power to assure maximum AV equipment performance.

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Reference Series

For premium home theater systems where flawless performance is essential, the Reference Series delivers discrete symmetrically balanced power to connected equipment effectively, canceling all common mode line noise.

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Back-up Power


The video switcher and the router were knocked off line briefly, but the Furman F1500 protected the server, exactly as it was designed and intended to do.”

— Mark Sackett| Diversified Systems