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Bring all the magic of the road home.

Legendary artists and professional recording studios rely on Furman products. And now you can too. Your clients expect top performance from the audio and video systems you install, and we help you deliver.

Today’s A/V technologies are more sophisticated than ever, but the AC grid that powers our equipment is increasingly overtaxed and often out of date. AC problems can cause home entertainment performance issues, reduced reliability and even damage sensitive, costly components. Furman product solutions are engineered to address today’s real-world needs and bring all the power to the people – wherever they are.

Superior power makes the most of home entertainment.

Don’t let inferior power conditioning and protection equipment degrade an install. Look to Furman solutions for proper power, surge suppression and world-class technologies.

Typical surge suppressors rely exclusively on sacrificial components to protect equipment from voltage surges and spikes. They’re designed to “take the hit” when exposed to a catastrophic voltage irregularity. Yes, this might save the connected equipment, but in the process it also destroys an internal component of the inferior surge protector. This is like a blown fuse in an old-fashioned fuse box.

In a best-case scenario, this outdated approach to surge/spike mitigation leaves your equipment unprotected until the surge suppression device can be repaired or replaced. In the worst case, the alleged protection device can’t absorb the surge before failing or letting voltage pass into your system and damage equipment.

Furman’s technology is different.

One example of the Furman exclusive technology is the Series Multistage Protection (SMP™) system in which the voltage spike is critically damped so that the overall energy level is reduced to a fraction of what the clamping device can handle. Like a well-tuned shock absorber, the SMP circuit bounces back and protects itself as well as the connected equipment.

When you’re outfitting a house with the latest technology, be sure to use best in class power and protection solutions. Trust Furman products for worry free protection and bring all the power and passion of the concert to every home.

We used a Furman CN-2400S


For the Mid-Atlantic Community Church project, the Furman CN series units let us program the exact delay intervals between component power-ups. ”

— Art Reiger| Solsound