Discrete Symmetrically Balanced Power


While differential AC noise such as electromagnetic and radio frequency interference can be effectively reduced with a low-pass filter such as Furman’s LiFT, the common mode AC noise, (which is the cause of ground loops and video hum bars) requires more advanced solutions. Effective reduction of common mode noise without rewiring the electrical service, requires the use of an isolation transformer. The most effective of these are true symmetrically balanced isolation transformers.

Furman’s Discrete Symmetrically Balanced Power is achieved by running the incoming AC into a 1:1 isolation transformer with a precisely placed center tap on the transformer’s secondary.

The incoming voltage (120V on the line terminal and 0V on the neutral and ground) is split into perfect halves on the transformer’s output. The AC line now has 60V on the line and 60V on the neutral when referenced to the new center-tapped ground, which remains at 0V AC.

Balanced Power

Furman’s isolation transformers utilize Dual Screen Technology, which yields the widest bandwidth of noise reduction available. This allows Furman’s Discrete Symmetrically Balanced Power units to uncover unprecedented levels of video and audio detail while ensuring that flat panel displays or video projectors are free of AC ground contamination from an audio processor or power amplifier. 

What is significant about this is that the two 60V AC terminals are now in opposite polarity. This completely cancels all common mode noise from the incoming AC line. This noise reduction is extraordinarily efficient and linear across a huge frequency range, and the result is perfectly clean power devoid of ground loops and AC hum noise.


Balanced Power


I Trust Furman!

I trust Furman!For the last 10 years I’ve gotten paid to do what I do for over a dozen platinum selling artists. My artists trust me… and I trust Furman!

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