Series Multi-Stage Protection

Audio/video professionals can never accept down time, corrupted data, or unreliability for critical applications. That’s why the robust, professional level transient voltage surge suppression of the Furman Series Multistage Protection (SMP) circuit, is the best choice.

Furman SMP Circuit

188V Pk measured let-through voltage

Typical Non-Sacrificial Circuit

T461V Pk measured let-through voltage

Engineered for Maximum Life

The SMP circuit is not simply designed to protect from a catastrophic surge, such as a lightning strike, it is engineered to provide maximum life to connected equipment. This means it not only protects from devastating spikes and surges, but also offers protection from the dozens to hundreds of small spikes and surges that your equipment is exposed to on a daily basis. These common voltage surges, although small, can have a serious adverse effect over the long-term. Even when protected by a standard surge protector, digital circuits can see long-term damage due to exposure to voltage on the ground line, causing intermittent behavior, equipment lock-ups, and data loss.

By absorbing these everyday surges without deterioration of the circuit or contamination of the ground line, Furman’s SMP maximizes the longevity of connected equipment and minimizes the risk of downtime or failure in mission-critical applications.


With this gear I can crank up the monitors without hearing line noise. It also helps to make the transmission pure by ensuring every piece of gear operates at its optimal level.”

— Maor Appelbaum| Mastering Engineer