Dirty Power is Everywhere

What are You Plugging Into?

You’ve just made an electronics purchase...

Whether it is an advanced and complete home theater system, a single electronic component, an appliance, a computer, (or anything with a power cable), the first thing you’ll do is plug it in. Of course, you are looking forward to powering up and having a great experience. But first... what are you plugging into?

Most electronics get plugged directly into a wall outlet.

This leaves them completely defenseless against catastrophic power surges, such as from a lightning strike. But everyday power spikes and over and under-voltage occurences can noticeably degrade your electronics' lifespan and performance over time. It's not just the AC power line. Without protection on signal and data lines, the equipment is still susceptible to damage from an outside lightning strike.

When more AC outlets are needed...

Many of us turn to power strips or surge protectors. But how much protection do these devices offer? Inexpensive strips often provide little to no protection against catastrophic voltage events, repeated over and under-voltages, or performance corrupting AC line noise. Be sure to check specifications and make sure you know what you are plugging into.

Reliability is everything.

Trust Panamax

Panamax products are engineered to protect, maximize performance, and add years of trouble free use to your valuable electronics.

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